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Club Sin [entries|friends|calendar]
Club Sin

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[8/3/06 @ 11pm]

Who: Ashland
Where: Club Sin
When: 8PM
Open To: Anyone
Rating: PG13+

Ash pulled down the hood of his jacket which was convering his face, as he entered the club. So far his travles had lead him to Los Angeles and eventually here to Club Sin. Taking a look around, he couldn't decide weither he wanted a drink or to dance. Ultimately, he opted for going to the lounge area and sitting down at one of the tables.
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[7/31/06 @ 8pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Who: Jasson Dai
Where: Club Sin
When: 10
Rating: PG13/R
Open To: Elena and anyone else who comes

Jasson blinked as he entered the club, he had never been there before and he had never really had any plans on going there at all. But his curiosity got the best of him. He skipped the dance floor and made his way through the crowd towards the bar. The longer he stayed the more out of place he felt and the more he wanted to leave. "This was a mistake" He mumbled to himself as he sat down infront of the bar.

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[7/29/06 @ 2am]

Who: Marco Del Rossi
Where: Forsaken Manor
When: 1-2 am
Rating: PG13/R
Open To: Maverick

Marco suddenly woke up feeling warm satin sheets under his back, and it took him several moments before he realized he was shirtless but it was becoming more difficult by the second for him to formulate why exactly. Around him he heard little sound as he became aware of the brutal pounding in his head instantly. It was a pain like he'd never experienced before and as his eyes shot open he almost felt it intensify as his surroundings were compeltely unrecognizable.

Now truly panicking, he began to sit up, feeling weaker than he had in his life as flashes of the night raced through his head. A beautiful man eyeing him as he catered his table at work, feeling his gaze even as he left on his way back to his dorm. He remembered strong arms wrapping around his waist and being pulled with shocking force into the darkness of the alleyway. And then...and then pain.

Swearing loudly to the silence, he looked around the room with wide scared eyes, searching in the hopes of an escape.
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[7/26/06 @ 7pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Who: Elena Katherine
Where: Inside Club Sin
When: 10/11
Rating: PG13/R
Open To: Maverick

Elena walked into the club with a slight pout on her scarlet lips. She was clad in tight leather pants and a Corset shirt. She couldn't stand anymore of her room and she had heard one of the boys talk about this place. She didn't know anyone and didn't want to dance.

She strolled to the bar, where she received a glass of blood. It had been awhile since her last feeding and this made her mood rise abit. Enough to consider dancing or to be nice to strangers. She had noticed the stares of the males in the establishment. She fiddled with a black charm she wore on her neck with a ruby in the center. It was an item that showed that she belonged to Chris. She was just about ready to yank it off.

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[7/26/06 @ 12am]

Who: Maveric Knight
Where: Inside Club Sin
When: Between midnight/one am
Rating: R
Open To: Laurie

On the catwalk high above the pulsating crowd dancing below, was Maveric, who was leaning over the railing to watch a young human couple. There wasn't a soul in the room he hadn't teased, taunted or screwed and he was on the hunt for fresh blood.

Becoming increasingly bored with the couple, he turned his attention back to rest of the club goers. As he scanned the crowd a flash of bright blue caught his eye. Turning his attention to the club doors he found the source, a young man he had never seen before.

Maveric was intrigued by this new stranger, he decided it was time to make his presence known.
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